Review of the Waterman Graduate Allure.

I purchased this fountain pen in May of this year. This is my everyday carry pen (EDC). This pen costs $14.99 and can use a Jinhao converter (see images above), along with its own converter. This pen comes packaged in a Waterman labeled box and comes with one Waterman ink cartridge. The ink in the cartridge is serenity blue.

The cap is a snap on cap and is very sturdy. The clip is sturdy and springy. The cap adornments have the waterman name on the cap band. On the pen clip, the Waterman symbol. The finial is plain with a mirror finish. The cap posts to the pen body securely.

The grip section has a small flare at the end where it joins the nib. The nib is silver and is a fine. Even though it’s a fine nib, it seems to write in between a fine and medium. There’s no need to smooth the nib, it writes perfectly with no scratchiness the first time out.

Rating (1–5)

This pen receives a score of 5. It’s perfect for beginners to expert fountain pen users. The price is affordable and it’s a comfortable writer. It’s easy to fill with two options (converter or cartridge). The cap requires no turns and easily snaps on or off. It’s a pretty simple pen that’s sure to please.


Waterman Graduate Allure fountain pen


Ink cartridges

Ink used in photos (Dryden Designs — Sky Blue)

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