Photo by Prateek Katyal from Pexels

Still working...


For those of you that have been around, you may notice some changes. I have been working on my site and my podcast. I hope you have enjoyed everything so far, I know I have!

Life update

The move to Milton was a rocky one, and we plan on moveing back to Buffalo, New York. I have filled out over 100 applications, gotten two interviews and still no job offer. I called my old place of work and I start there January 14th. I will be graduating in August with my Master's degree in Applied Sociology from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. I am so glad my Master's program is 100% online. It makes life easier.

Podcast update

I am in love with making episodes! I am doing another ASMR episode tonight when my son gets to bed. So far my current set up is my chromebook laptop, iphone, and headset. I use to load and put together my episodes. I figure I will get better in time. One thing on my wishlist for Festivus, is a decent microphone. I probably get one after the holidays.